Acceptance of Final Basic Assessment Report (BAR)

GDARD has accepted the Final Basic Assessment Report (BAR) for JCPZ's proposed construction of a Visitors/ Information Centre including canteen with lots of seating facilities & 4 dwelling units for JCPZ staff.

Despite the proposal being rejected by the community in its entirety at a public meeting in the Ecocentre  public meeting 6th Feb 2020 in Kloofendal, on the grounds that the reserve needs conservation, not more buildings,  JCPZ is adamant to go ahead with their building plans.  GDARD has now approved the EIA  (Environmental Impact Assessment) done with part of the "infrastructure upgrade" money.  R1 000 000 (taxpayers' money) was set aside for Kloofendal infrastructure upgrade 2019/ 2020), and spent on building plans and EIA without  public participation. The reserve is in dire need of infrastructure remediation:  sewerage with increasing frequency pouring into dam for a week at a time, security - damaged fencing, alien invasive plants spreading into reserve, badly eroded paths etc. - not more buildings!

How to object to the EIA and the planned project

To learn more about this and to appeal against this decision, please look at a very clear exposition prepared by Jonathan Leeming on the basis of much discussion within the FroK committee.  Jonathan has set up a web page to guide us all in how to appeal against GDARD's acceptance of the Final Basic Assessment Report (BAR). The last two hyperlinks are the final steps you need. Email me at for more information and please cc me in your emailed appeal.  
FroK has been working hard on controlling many species of Alien Invasive Plants at the Reserve with volunteers and EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme) workers.  Karin has written a first report on this.  You can download it here.

Friends of Kloofendal (FroK)

Founded August 2003.  Web site updated 6th February 2021

Friends of Kloofendal is an open conservation NGO (NPO No 092-239)that focuses on the Kloofendal Nature Reserve in the suburb of Kloofendal in the West of Johannesburg.  Our Vision focuses on preservation, ecology and education.

Please sign up for our newsletter hereWe send out a newsletter about once a month.  They are in PDF format and recent ones can be found here.  

If you agree with our vision, please join as a member (Application form) and join our facebook group.

You can also join our FroKNews WhatsApp group to receive short news items, such as notices of individual weekend events.

A trail map is here and other map information hereThe FroK displays and meeting place for events are in the Ecological Centre at here .

For information on our School Programme, press here

If you want to visit the Reserve as a small group to picnic, to walk or hike along one of the trails or to enjoy natural environment, press here for information to help you.

Press here for more information on facilities in the Amphitheatre area.

Open from 6:00 to 18:00 and no charge for groups of 20 and less.

Mapping Alien Invasive Plants

Butterfly walk Kloofendal 

Sunday 6th December, 9-11 am 

with Bradwin Adendorff 

Bookings with Quicket

Meet at the Ecological Centre

Inquiries Karin 079-693-5608.

Frog evening in Kloofendal 

Saturday 5th December, 6-8pm 

with Michael Ormond. 

Bookings with Quicket

Please bring torches,  galloshes or gumboots and raincoats in case of some rain, 

meet at Ecological Centre 

Inquiries Karin 079-693-5608.

We have started doing guided walks again with general COVID-19 restrictions in place.


Please see here for a description how we now run events.  Details for events in files below list of events.

Pre-booking for guided walks and courses is essential as we limit the numbers to about 20.  Please phone first to confirm.

Unless otherwise stated walks are aimed at small groups and families and mostly take two hours.

Book for Jonathan Leemings event here.

For more information on these events, please download the appropriate file (right).

Contact Karin on 079-693-5608 for more information.

EventsOctWithpics2020.pdf EventsOctWithpics2020.pdf
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EventsNovWithpics2020.pdf EventsNovWithpics2020.pdf
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EventsDecWithpics2020.pdf EventsDecWithpics2020.pdf
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Press here for more information on our guided walks and our guides. 

FroK bookings and enquiries:

Karin Spottiswoode 079-693-5608 (FroK cell) Private and school guided walks by arrangement.

Tel 011-674-2980 (giving some problems at present) or

These numbers are provided as a free service to the general public by the Friends of Kloofendal (FroK) in support of the Reserve and of FroK.  It is not a 24/7 or even an 8 to 5 service.

Booking form for groups of eight (8) or more on two-hour weekend walks.

We ask for written bookings for very popular events to avoid the situation where we have turn people away because the event is fully booked and some of those who have booked don't come.

Bookings for less popular events are needed to help assure us of viability as it is generally not worthwhile for the guide if very few people come. 

Please download the appropriate form (daytime or evening), fill it in and email back to us with payment.


Download information on the FroK School's Environmental Education Programme, aligned with the curriculum.

Fun, hands-on programme with FGASA Qualified guides inside the Reserve, supported by displays of local fauna, flora, geology & mining history in the FroK Education Centre.

While our guides do support the curriculum topic, sharp-eyed children always find the distractions that make our outings fun.


Frequently asked questions on FroK and the Reserve 

Kloofendal_FAQs.pdf Kloofendal_FAQs.pdf
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