Photos of events held at Kloofendal

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Open trapdoor spider nest, April 2016

Trapdoor spider, November 2015 

 The EPWP workers removed years' stashing of cut branches from the small forest behind Saturn.  Thanks to Moses of City Parks for removing piles of stashed branches away from Kloofendal.  The area is now open enough for people to move around easily.  We invite children to explore and play under the trees.

School group in action as part of the FroK school programme.

 Exploring what happens in nature with Bernice Aspoas, entomologist.

(Insect has been caught in a little jar and will be released on site later.)

Charlie in the FroK display centre

Sharing fascination about an insect

Family looking for water insects in the dam

 Red toad

 Grant and Steve working at Yebo Gogga

Common Acrea butterflie mating

Bundu bash adventure group celebrating scrambling up onto the first ridge

Karin explaining the stamp mills

Looking for frogs in the dam 

Getting ready with nets and sample jars with Grant Egen

Selecting only the best tips of the fever tea while Tim Truluck reaches for the Jam and Mampoer


Large painting for FroK EE Centre by Connie Snyman

Bernice Porter came to show us Fungi (mushrooms).  Photograph holding a small snake.

The Bat Interest Group catches bats before the event and on the night.  They are held only by the experts to avoid injury or to people - the bats bite you if they get half a chance! The bats return unharmed to join the other members of the colony.

Common river frog 

Assortment of edible and tasty fruit from Kloofendal.

Bernice Porter talking about a fine lacquered bracket fungus. 

Art from nature using a picture from a magazine, some watercolour paint and plant matter picked from the Reserve under supervision.

Sewerage either side of the path.  Joburg water should have removed this mess.

Steve & Karin on holiday, July 2013 ==> 


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